Dancing with Chaos by INDIGO

Book signing: Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Roseville California Saturday January 18th 2020 from 1pm-3pm. See you there?

1/20/2020 Book signing was really a great experience. So many people with family and friends who have mental health issues.  Everybody has a story!

Dancing with Chaos by Indigo: a Memoir availabe  on Amazon Books and Barnes and Noble and other outlets.





The Choas:  Growing up in poverty in New York City with a mother who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. Evictions, hunger, "me too" and more. The heartbraking unfolding  genetics of mental illness.

The Dance: The pursuit of harmony and beauty through the love of nature, forests, rivers, mountain trails.  Travel to amazing places like Nepal and Peru. The satisfaction of a life devoted to working as an RN. The adventure of creating a homestead in the hills of Northern California. The persuit of ones dreams.











3/22/2020 This pandemic, so unbelievable and so scary. Important time to  booster your own immunity. 1. Drink plenty of water 2. Get plenty of rest 3. Try not to stress 4. Supplements such as vitamin D & C  5. Good handwashing 6. Stay home and read a book "Dancing with Chaos" by Indigo available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, etc. 7. Be good to one another 8. Virtual hugs and kisses.


April 29,2020 Ihave been sheltering in place for over a month. Sad to have had all my book signings and events canceled. Hope that some of you are buying my book and finding it entertaining in these trying times. I keep thinking of the time I caught the measles from a patient and I almost died (it's in my book!). Scary times for every one, especialy health care on the front line. I know everyone has been adversely affected by this virus if not their health then in the health of a loved one or friend or at least economically. Be  safe out there and send me a message. I check frequently! Hopefully we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. X0X0


Reasons to read "Dancing with Chaos" by indigo

1.The eternal appeal of story telling

2. Insight into: (a) mental illness (b) the struggels of a child/teenager comming to grips with a life of instability (c) a peek at what its like to be a nurse (d) travel to some fascinating places like Guatemala, Nepal, Peru, the Sierras, (e) the loves, adventures and trials of a single mother (f) after a lifetime of wandering, the realization of developing a homestead..... and more. 


Customer Review: A deft story teller, the author weaves an entertaining and engaging tale winding through the trials and tribulations of life's ups and downs while maintaining a harmonious and positive attitude. Dancing with Chaos shines a light through the prismatic human facets of mental illness, illuminating the hardships and the suffering with a rainbow of  emotions and insights.  A great read! Iook forward to the sequel! Congradulations Indigo on seeking the light like a plant, finding your place in nature and making such a wonderful life for yourself.

6/1/2020 Such disturbing times. Best wishes go out to everyone. I just wanted to let you know that several days ago I created a video about my book and posted it on youtube.It can be found at "Dancing with Chaos youtube".  I am hoping to post a short video each week, chapter by chapter. If you watch my video and like it please press "like". Hang in there "one world" peace out.

Quote by voltaire: "Life is thickly sewn with thorns and I know of no other remedy than to pass quickly through them. The longer we dwell on our misfortunes the greater is their power to harm us."

I wanted to take this generic picture of the road out but then decided to leave it in knowing that the road and travel is actually a major theme in my book and  has been an essential part of the joy of living.

Dancing with Chaos by INDIGO is a memoir. The themes center around the trials and tribulations of the mentally ill and their families...around medicine and travel and the life of a single mother. I hope you will find it an interesting read and helpful in some way. It is available on Amazon books and other sites as well.

11/16/19 Please leave a comment so I know you are out there. I hope everyone is having a good day. Kind regards, Indigo


12/21/19 shortest day of the year. Best wishes for the new year. Met my daughter for the first time yesterday who I gave up for adoption 50+ years ago.  Wow!!! Time to write a sequel!